Family Law Advocate

Family Law Advocate

Family Law Advocate Coordinator: Jennifer Campbell, 604.792.4267
Family Law Advocate: Robert Lecomte, 604-793-7208

In partnership with The Law Foundation, our Family Law Advocacy program provides no-cost advocacy and information to those going through the process of family law: custody, parenting plans, separation, and divorce. With supervision provided by CCS and a partnership with a supervising lawyer at Baker Newby, this service offers support with the navigation of the law system.

Our funding partner is the BC Law Foundation.


The services the family law advocate program provide are:

  • – Custody information
  • – Divorce processes
  • – Separation process
  • – Parenting planning
  • – Trial preparation
  • – Information gathering


The family law advocate is not a lawyer and therefore does not provide legal advice or legal services.

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